Past, Present and the Future.

The man.

When James Hann died Tinett city went to mourning. The hard part was on Lene Hann who being the only daughter in the family and the only child who was supposed to take over the family. For years Hann family had been seen as the guardians of the city and James had prepared her daughter her whole life hoping one day she will lead the city. From the time Jin Sen had spent with the girl the only woman she had ever met who exceeds her hardwork and organisation was Quin.

Quin and Jin accompanied Lene in her father’s funeral and though it was a hard day for her she handled herself well. She had invited close friends and she always indroduced them as the most trusted friends of his father. She well knew the city population would want to attend but with help of the friends they prepared many ways to honour the man. The police of the city handed her a one bullet gun and a card valid till she was eighteen whereby the police would protect her.

Many organisations offered many things to the family and many send personal messages of condolences. Jin Sen kept on catching a certain man looking at her. Quin too had noticed and couldn’t help herself to make a joke at least to enlighten the day.

“For how long will we avoid him?” She asked. “She seems very intrested in you.”

“Aaaaagh! We are mourning a man five times he is. If he could be man enough he would have some respect to this family.” said Jin.

“I know you, and I can see you look at him diffrently. You are intrested,” teased Quin who had never seen Jin smile to a man the entire time they have been friends.

“Now, that you said that you make intrested in him. I have never looked at man twice without asking him what he really wants from me. You two have to admit he seems odd. Speaking of which, who is he?”

“I don’t know.” said Lene. Both Quin and Jin looked surprised. “I thought the people you invited were all close friends of the family?” Asked Jin.

“I did not invite him. He scares me and I have been avoiding him.” Lene said. There was the police in the funeral and very other many people so what he could here was just to observe and that’s why he had not approached them.

“Long before we knew each other I had respect for your family. If this person wants to disrespect your father by coming to your compound without invitation and attempt to disturb the peace then they are mistaken. He is fearless that’s why he was send here and you have to show them you are fearless. You back down and they will grow strong and have the courage to come again at you. So go to him and see what he wants.”

Quin and Jin did not go with her but rather go to the police and made sure they kept an eye on Lene. Within a short period of time Lene mourning face had changed to a bright one and was now smiling. “I must say, I have been with that girl and there is no diffrence between me and her when it comes to the view of men.” Jin said.

“Jin that man is getting into your mind. Everyone is keeping an eye on her, she will be fine.” Now people were leaving. The man was infact helping Lene say goodbye to the people. They could not leave without saying bye to Lene and make sure she was safe. The man walked with Jin to her house. Jin and Quin followed close by and when Lene turned and saw them she was very happy to indroduce them.

“These two have kept me from breaking the whole time. Come, you won’t believe who this is.” Lene was not very good at indroducing people.

“I know them, Jin and Quin, your work in this city can’t go unnoticed,” the man said. He stretched his hand to great Jin who stood still and Quin stretched her hand to covered that akward moment. “You know, you should not do that for her,” he said as he shook Quin’s hand. “I knew she would do that, I just wanted to see it for myself.”

“Jin, Quin this is Thomas Nikill from The Kagan Empire. You will get to see him more often since they are moving to Tinett soon.” There is a way Lene said Kagan as if it was suppossed to mean anything to her. The night went well than Jin had expected because Mr. Nikill kept on impressing her despite of her challenging him everytime. When he left Lene turned to Jin, “You two are meant for each other.”

“I’ve not met a man like that before I must say. It’s like he is not from ths continent.” Those word coming from Jin’s mouth made Quin gasp and smile at the same time.

Past, Present and the Future.

The strangest stranger.

It was a Monday morning and Quin and Jin were reporting to work when they got into the building compound they found a parade and thought the workers had worked on a surprise. It had been a few tough months and this would really ease the tension on the working place and would very much help Jin. For seconds the two stood in front of the parade but no one spoke or did anything.

“What are you all doing?” asked Jin who was now getting irritated. “Jin something is wrong.” said Quin who was the only one who could speak.

“Yeah, I know. I’m just surprised that no one here can speak it out.” and then half of the women looked up to Jin’s office. When Jin looked up she saw a man waving to her. “Is that a man? she asked. “A man in my office?”

When she got to her office the man was comfortably sitting on her chair and had locked the inside. Jin tried her card and it did not work and her pin did not work. It’s like the man wanted her to beg so that he could open. Jin picked her secretary’s chair and threw it through the glass door and now could see the man clearly. “You really can’t ask a man for anything?” It was the man who they met at the funeral. “Your women down there won’t move unless I say so. I will only let them if you ask me.”

“Quin go down there and tell those women there it’s either they get on with their jobs or go home. If they keep standing there call police on them.” Jin commanded.

“You are some kind of a woman. Why didn’t you call the police on me?” asked Thomas.

“You are only here to prove yourself to me and can do nothing to me. The only reason you are here is that Kagan Empire want something from me, you were send to me and had only to do it your own way.” as she spoke the man had stood from her chair and went to see what had happened to the workers. Some few women had opted to go home and majority returned back to the building.

“That’s very true. We see and admire what you have done in this city.” he turned to look at Jin. ”You can’t believe what I had on those women. I can’t believe they even moved, they must really believe in you.”

“So you blackmailed more than fifty women?” asked Jin.

“That’s a easy thing for me. We just want you to know what we are made of and capable of. I see your companion has returned. Can Quin hide something from you?” Quin had just returned and Jin looked at her.

“Quin is her own woman and can keep whatever she wants to herself. If all those women said something bad about me or about the family that’s no problem to me and we have all spoke about that. They are their own people and have decisions to make about their lives.” Jin said.

“I’m pregnant,” said Quin because she knew that’s the only thing would have on her. Jin could not ask her to repeat what she had just said. She sunk on her chair and Quin picked up the seat Jin had used to shutter the door and sat on it. Thomas was looking at the scene the city made from Times Tower avoiding the awkward silence. After some time Thomas spoke, “It’s 2010 and Quin is about to die, she give back to a girl. At 26 years old the girl gives birth to Nan Sen who at 20 years can fully run The Family and sends a letter to her grand mom from 2056.”

“That’s quite a story. How would you know that?” asked Jin who now was seriously shocked.

“Simple, purely simple, we know everything.” said Thomas. “I know you must feel … well, I don’t how you feel but no one else knows these.”

“You accessed my information without my permision and now expect me to trust you? You came into my office and brought the whole building to a stand still, I won’t ever trust you.”

“You really don’t know what you are refusing. Quin help your friend understand I can help you change the future. We’ve been running multiple governments and brought multiple to stability. We’ve been there for centuries and trust me we know what The Sen family brought to this city and we were very sad when we learned it barely runs for sixty years. Pledge you alliance to Kagan and with us on your side there is no war you could ever lose.” Thomas highlighted.

“I’m never coming to your side.” Quin tried to interupt but Jin ushered her to be quiet. “You are the ones to come to me. There are young girls in your Empire, I want her to be named a Sen and you too pledge yourself to me, prove me in The name of Kagan that you are worthy a man.”

The man’s face went pale and that’s when Jin saw the real loyalty. He was in no way to go to Kagan and report that the only way the deal fell was because he could not take Jin on a date. “I will call you,” said Thomas as he vacated the office.